DanielleLee Beauty

In a world where you can be anything, be your beautiful self!!

Hello ALL my BEAUTIFUL friends! I am so very pleased to announce that along with the  launch of my new Pro product line we are opening a new Beauty school!

Here at DanielleLee Beauty we strive to be the best at what ever we do.  All of our products are made & manufactured in the U.S.A.!!!! And formulated by Danielle Lee! They are the formulas I've been making and working on for the past several years, and finally my dream to bottle them has come true!! Practicing as a licensed esthetician and working on clients over the years with varied skin care needs, issues and reactions to popular products on the market, I created each as organically based as possible, but as u know, no product can be 100% natural and have a shelf life with out a chemical to protect the organic ingredient. So I use the best ingredients possible to protect the organic ingredient without the use of harmful ingredients such as PARABENS!! All of my skincare products have the perfect PH level, and have been put through both testing processes so they are hyper-allergenic and have been allergy tested. They are FDA tested and approved by Independent laboratories and never tested on animals!! Our products are second to none.